Shakespeare LIVE! Technical Requirements

Shakespeare LIVE! is designed for a trouble-free performance in most school venues (stages, gymnasiums or multi-purpose rooms).

The basic technical requirements for all venues are as follows:

  • A level, unobstructed playing area of at least 20' deep by 25' wide by 14' high.
  • Adequate lighting throughout the playing area for actor safety.
  • A standard electrical outlet, table and chair in the playing area.
  • A private, secure room in which the actors can change and store their belongings throughout their visit to your venue.
  • Bottled drinking water (8-10 bottles) at room temperature.
  • The Shakespeare LIVE! assembly, including introduction and the post-performance discussion runs 75-90 minutes. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

The Shakespeare LIVE! company also requests your cooperation with the following:

  • The performance space should be exclusively available to Shakespeare LIVE! (i.e. with no classes or meetings taking place) for 60 minutes prior to the performance.
  • The floor in the playing area should be swept and/or mopped prior to our arrival.
  • Bells, buzzers and announcements should be silenced in the performance space (if possible).

The Shakespeare LIVE! tour manager may delay or cancel a performance, without refund, if he or she deems the actors' safety to be at risk in any way, or if all technical requirements are not met by the scheduled performance time.

Click here to download a sample copy of the Shakespeare LIVE! technical rider, which details all technical requirements for a touring performance. When you book your performance, this rider will be attached to your touring contract.