Internship Areas


Administrative/General Management interns assist the Theatre’s management team with fiscal operation and personnel management, assist with daily financial duties, while providing general administrative support.  This position offers a great opportunity to learn day-to-day accounting, payroll, contract negotiations, and budgeting, as well as the long-range operations of the Theatre.

Artistic/Casting interns work directly with the Artistic Director and Casting Director. Responsibilities include daily administrative tasks, scheduling and attending auditions, communicating with New York talent agencies, observing select Main Stage, Outdoor Stage and Training Program rehearsals, research and dramaturgical work, organizing the Seminar Series, as well as assisting with the management of the Late-Nite Series and Late-Nite Cabaret. A valid driver’s license is required for this internship.

Company Management interns assist the Theatre’s Company Manager in tending to the needs of a company of over 300 artists, many of whom are in residence for all or part of the summer. Learning opportunities include organizing special events for company members, becoming familiar with the Theatre’s contract with Actor’s Equity Association, fulfilling requirements for artist benefits, travel arrangements and company housing. Because it overlaps many different areas, Company Management is an ideal arena in which to gain an overview of the interrelationships among all departments of a major regional theatre. A valid driver’s license is required for this internship.

Costume Construction & Design interns work alongside the Theatre’s professional staff creating hundreds of costume pieces for all Main Stage and Outdoor Stage productions. Areas of focus include improving sewing skills and learning new techniques in the production and alteration of quality stage garments. Opportunities for crafts work and/or millinery will be available based on interest and the needs of each production. Costume interns will participate in professional outings and workshops, which have previously included swatching and shopping in Manhattan’s fabric district, scouring the city for vintage clothing, visiting a costume rental house, and touring a costume shop that produces garments used on Broadway. Qualified interns with a design focus will assist Main Stage and Outdoor Stage designers and may also be asked to create and execute costume designs for one of the Next Stage Ensemble touring productions or The Final SPTP Project, providing additional resumé and portfolio-building opportunities.

Development/Fundraising interns work with The Shakespeare Theatre’s Development Department in all aspects of fundraising. Responsibilities include assisting in the preparation of grant applications and proposals, helping to plan and execute special events, participating in donor prospect research, maintaining donor histories, as well as other administrative duties. Interns in the Development Department receive well rounded, hands-on experience in raising contributions for a non-profit theatre.

Directing interns assist the Theatre’s professional directors on Main Stage and the Outdoor Stage productions. In addition to observing the rehearsals for their principal show assignment, interns also are encouraged to sit in on select rehearsals for other projects, classes and workshops. Under the guidance of the Theatre’s artistic staff, each intern will also direct members of The Apprentice Company in a classic non-Shakespeare scene night presentation. The Directing interns education is supplemented with master classes, workshops and Q&A sessions with resident and guest theatre artists. Other responsibilities may include research and dramaturgical work as well as assisting on The Final SPTP Project. Directing internships are often available in the Spring and Autumn to accommodate production needs of the Theatre season.

Dramaturgy/Education Admin interns assist the Education Department in the creation of numerous audience- and student-oriented study guides for the Main Stage and Outdoor Stage productions, as well as acting as a T.A. for and creating materials utilized in the Text Analysis and Play-Reading classes. Interns will not only explore new research materials and methodologies, but will also work with design software. Additional duties include working on Training Program schedules, programs and events, as well as simple filing, reception, and assisting with the maintenance of the Education library. Qualified interns will be considered for rehearsal-room dramaturgical assignments on the Final SPTP Project and, potentially, on Main Stage productions. A valid driver’s license is highly recommended for this internship.

Education interns with a classroom focus will learn numerous teaching methodologies as they observe and work alongside the Theatre’s professional staff and guest artists for workshops and classes with the Junior and Senior Shakespeare Corps, Apprentice Company and Next Stage Ensemble.  Interns also assist in coordinating various aspects of the training program, including rehearsal and class schedules and the planning of special events for participants.  In addition to administrative and management duties, creative opportunities are available depending on the intern’s experience and talents.  A valid driver’s license is highly recommended for this internship.

Lighting Tech & Design interns assist the Lighting Supervisor. Responsibilities include light board programming and operation, hanging and focusing instruments, maintaining lighting equipment, and assisting lighting designers. The Theatre’s Late-Nite Series also affords the opportunity for lighting design interns to showcase their own particular talents. Master classes will be held on a variety of topics, including electrical theory, paperwork preparation, design theory, and working on a design team.

Marketing & Public Relations interns assist with community and media relations efforts, electronic media, and the execution of sophisticated marketing strategies for subscription and single ticket campaigns. Duties include preparing and submitting press materials, online social networking for the institution, media and web site editing and maintenance, assisting with media inquiries and interviews, photo calls, print production/design, and maintaining print and press archives.

Patron Services interns work directly with the Box Office staff and the House Manager to assist with the various aspects of the Theatre’s numerous patron programs and needs. While in the Box Office, the intern will receive training in customer service, phone sales and computerized ticketing systems while working in a fast-paced box office environment. While assisting the House Manager, s/he will participate in scheduling and communicating with volunteers, researching items for the gift shop and placing orders with vendors.

Photography / Media interns work with the Marketing and Education departments to archive the numerous productions, classes and other activities that take place at the Theatre each summer through photography, video and web design, as well as to create web-based video trailers for these projects. The intern is also given opportunities to gain additional mentorship from (and work alongside) the Theatre’s staff and guest photographers. Culminating in a final presentation, the experience also provides the intern with an incredible portfolio-building experience. Many of the photos used in this brochure are the work of former photography/media interns.

Production Management interns assist the Director of Production with all the logistical operations for the Theatre’s season and will function as production assistants on Main Stage productions. Duties include: pricing and purchasing supplies and materials, scheduling apprentice crew calls, scheduling and assisting with the execution of strikes and load-ins, monitoring production budgets, upkeep and maintenance of the Theatre, and acting as a liaison between the Director of Production and the production staff. Production interns also attend weekly staff and production meetings and are assigned as Production Managers for many projects in the Late-Nite Series, including the Next Stage Ensemble. A valid driver’s license is required for this internship.

Properties interns work closely with our Props Master to create and obtain the diverse range of properties needed in our shows, including weapons, furniture, conceptual pieces, and much more! Opportunities include working on Main Stage productions in our extensive prop, paint, and scenic shop, as well as learning about prop inventory, rental, and storage, and assisting in maintenance of props during performance runs. In the past, qualified interns have been given special projects for the Main Stage under the guidance of the Theatre’s professional staff.  A valid driver’s license is required for this internship.

Scenic Construction & Design interns work with the Technical Director and professional staff as part of the team that builds the scenery for each Main Stage and Outdoor Stage production. Each day, these interns report to one of the theatres or the Support Facility, acquiring new skills and utilizing them to construct all scenic elements for the season. To realize the designs of its renowned designers, the Theatre utilizes not only traditional woodworking and carpentry approaches, but also a great deal of metalcraft, welding and other techniques. Qualified interns with a design focus will assist Main Stage and Outdoor Stage designers and may also be asked to create and execute scenic designs for one of the Next Stage Ensemble touring productions or The Final SPTP Project, providing additional portfolio-building opportunities.

Scenic Painting interns assist the Scenic Charge Artist in the execution of the designs for the Main Stage and Outdoor Stage productions.  Responsibilities can include all phases of work (color mixing, cartooning, painting, carving, et cetera, as well as clean-up and maintenance).  Additional projects may be assigned based on the needs of each specific production.  Select Paint Interns may be eligible for design projects in the Late-Nite Series, at the discretion of the Charge Artist and the Education Department.

Sound Tech & Design interns work directly with sound designers, composers, and musicians. Interns will work with the latest recording, digital editing, MIDI and audio playback technologies while assisting the Sound Supervisor in the creation and operation of the sound for each production and the daily care and maintenance of sound equipment. Master classes will be held on a variety of subjects, including design basics, signal flow, editing techniques, and music theory. Select sound interns may be chosen to design for the Next Stage Ensemble or the Late-Nite Series.

Stage Management interns work directly with Equity Production Stage Managers, seeing productions from rehearsal through performance, where the interns are often in charge of backstage running crews. Stage management interns also have the opportunity to work on productions with the Next Stage Ensemble summer touring program, and projects in the Late-Nite Series. When not in rehearsal or performance, stage management interns work with the Director of Production, gaining important hands-on experience in a variety of areas helpful to stage managers. Master classes will be held on a variety of topics including touring, crisis management, expectations from Equity actors, and notating fight choreography. Many stage management interns have worked their way up the professional ladder with us, eventually earning their union status with The Shakespeare Theatre. Stage management internships are also available in the Spring or Autumn, to accommodate production needs beyond the period of the Training Program.

Technical Direction interns are heavily involved in the planning and coordinating the scenic elements of all Shakespeare Theatre productions. In addition, interns oversee all aspects of the Next Stage Ensemble summer touring productions, with the guidance of the Theatre’s professional staff. Initially working full-time in the scene shop, interns are given a hands-on opportunity to learn how all aspects of the shop function together. Interns assist with management and communication within the shop, as well as coordinate with designers and other departments. In the past, qualified interns have been given greater responsibility over a particular aspect of a build with the guidance of the Theatre’s professional staff.

Tour Management
interns gain hands-on experience with the Theatre’s summer touring troupe. Interns work under the supervision of the Director of Education and Director of Production, while managing actors from first rehearsal through performances. While honing stage management basics, this position also expands the intern’s skills as s/he liaisons with venues, communicates with Theatre staff while on the road, creates touring itineraries and reports, and learns to navigate the dynamics of an intense touring experience. A valid driver’s license and good driving record are required for this internship. Applicants must be 21 years of age to drive the company touring vehicle.

Wardrobe/Wigs interns work with the Wardrobe Supervisor to dress actors, and also maintain and troubleshoot costumes, wigs and makeup for the Theatre. Basic skills in stitching and mending garments are required. In the past, qualified interns have been given greater responsibility over a particular production run with the guidance of the Theatre’s professional staff. Interns will receive guidance on effective interaction with actors and designers, improvement of sewing skills, and training in wig styling and maintenance, as well as inclusion in professional outings and workshops noted in the Costume internship listing above.