The Senior Shakespeare Corps

Senior Corp

Members of the Senior Corps are introduced to the fundamental skills of a classical actor, using the same vocabulary, methods and philosophy that the Theatre employs with its professional acting company. Faculty include members of the Theatre’s education staff as well as professional resident artists from our company.

Each day begins with a group physical and vocal warmup, from which the Corps breaks out into classes focusing on individual skills, including movement, voice, stage combat, text analysis, audition technique, physical characterization and monologue technique. Depending on the final project for the session, specialized master classes may be offered in areas such as maskwork or clowning. Each session, students will engage in scene study of a Shakespeare play (in addition to their final project) from an actor’s perspective. Finally, small group sessions focus on monologue and audition techniques so that each student comes away with a rehearsed and critiqued Shakespeare monologue of his or her choice — a great asset for college auditions.

Attendance Policy
We at The Shakespeare Theatre believe that commitment and dedication are crucial components of the theatre education experience. Senior Corps members are held to the same high standards as the rest of our company. Each student must attend all classes, workshops and rehearsals, and must be on time. Students may not arrive late or leave early. All students will be involved in the rehearsal of a piece to be performed at the end of each session, and their absence will impair the work of the group as a whole. Students will be excused only for serious illnesses, legitimate family emergencies, or pre-arranged conflicts.