The Senior Shakespeare Corps

Senior Corp

"My daughter just completed her first semester of college and I can't tell you enough the many ways that her experience with the STNJ Junior and Senior Corps has helped her!"
Laurie K., Senior Corps parent

“Thank you for nurturing Willem’s love of Shakespeare. He is the only 17-year-old I know who has read almost all of the Bard’s plays, and I attribute his enthusiasm to you and those who work with you in the Junior and Senior Corps. Also, I am nothing less than astonished at your ability to produce such imaginative and professional performances with high school students. Keep up the good work!”
Candace K., Senior Corps parent

"I can't thank you enough for the great experience that Julia has had with the Shakespeare Theatre, both last year and this year.  She has learned so much, not just about Shakespeare, but about performance in general.  You and your staff really do a wonderful job teaching the kids.  The performance was a lot of fun!"
Eileen C., Senior Corps parent

"The camp has been a very creative, positive experience for Sarah and her friends.  Thanks to you and all involved for sharing their dedication and passion."
Joan B., Senior Corps parent

“Thanks again for an awesome summer for our daughter. She LOVED her experience there, and it was a pleasure for us to see her grow on stage.”
Kelly S., Senior Corps parent

“Thanks for three fantastic years! I learned more from this program than from any other program I did in any area of study.”
Katie H., Senior Corps member

“Our daughter had an excellent three weeks and learned a great deal. It was very much the kind of intense and seriously focused program we were looking for.”
Constantine C., Senior Corps parent

“My experience at The Shakespeare Theatre opened new doors to the world of Shakespeare. It was an amazing experience… I came in knowing nothing about Shakespeare and came out with a new appreciation for his works as an actor. I benefited from this experience, and it truly made me become a better actor mentally, spiritually and physically.”
Chelsea F., Senior Corps member