Shakefest: Shakespeare Institute for Teachers


"ShakeFest offers hands-on, practical professional development for teachers of literature at all levels. Accredited by the NJ Dept. of Education and endorsed by the NJEA."

This unique professional development program, launched in 2003, brings a highly-effective, practical, on-your-feet approach to the business of teaching Shakespeare. With combined decades of classroom experience with young people in elementary, middle and high school, the staff and artists of The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey are committed to helping teachers “shake up” their classrooms and bring the Bard to life via the theatrical perspective. The active, performance-oriented approach which underlies ShakeFest makes teaching Shakespeare a pleasure, and helps students own, understand, and even fall in love with Shakespeare’s words.

ShakeFest: Institute for Teachers was designed specifically for teachers, and has been refined each year in collaboration with many classroom partners. Now, seven years into the program, with the help of dozens of teachers who have taken part in the program to date, we are embarking on a comprehensive restructuring of the program which we know will not only make ShakeFest even more exciting and useful to English and Theatre teachers everywhere, but will also make it more affordable and schedule-friendly. Look for an expanded menu of ShakeFest offerings beginning in the spring of 2014!

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