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Shakespeare Theatre brings Bard to open-air stage

The Princeton Packet

Although it is performed less often than Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's later play The Tempest is no less engrossing. And, as a romance rather than a tragedy, it has the added bonus of an uplifting resolution. These days, we could all do with a little more uplift. Read full review here.

Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey continues its productions under the stars


Singing a lively sea chantey, the entire cast starts their performance of The Tempest by gathering on a low platform stage after entering from not only the left and right but also down the aisles of the outdoor theater. They are carrying old wooden trunks from which they remove some props, and they then assemble these trunks into the shape of an ancient ship.
Read full review here.

Weather Adds Touch to Outdoor Tempest

The New York Times

In a stroke of near-magical synchronicity Sunday evening, during the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey's enchanting new production of The Tempest the heavens above the open-air amphitheater where the play was being performed produced their own special effects. At exactly the moment when Trinculo, a drunken jester anticipating foul weather, looked skyward and proclaimed, 'Yond same black cloud, yond huge one,' an ominous dark mass appeared directly above the stage. Read full review here.

Shakespeare Theatre Outdoor Stage Provides Perfect Setting for The Tempest

Talkin' Broadway

Barring the odd purist, it is hard to image anyone who will fail to be enchanted by the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's breezy and magical two-hour (with intermission) Outdoor Stage production of The Tempest. Read full review here.

The Tempest

The Daily Record

The relentless assault of June storms took Saturday night off as another front blew into the College of St. Elizabeth in Florham Park. The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey has dared Mother Nature to conjure ironic cancellations, but even she cannot resist William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" on an outdoor stage. Read full review here.

Magical production underway at the outdoor theatre on the campus of the
College of St. Elizabeth


"The Tempest" is one of William Shakespeare's shortest plays and when trimmed to taste, a perfect vehicle for an outdoor staging. For the past eight summers, The Shakespeare Theatre in Madison has taken one offering from its schedule and shifted the stage from its customary spot on the campus of Drew University and shuffled a mile or so up the road to the College of St. Elizabeth, which just happens to have a beautiful Greek-style amphitheater nestled into the backside of the campus. Read full review here.

Outdoor 'Tempest' makes for an island getaway

The Star Ledger

Purists may object. But chances are almost everyone else will have a wonderful time at "The Tempest."
For the past seven years, audiences been greatly amused by the offerings at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's Outdoor Stage in Morris Township. The under-the-stars summertime playhouse has offered broad comedies from Moliere, Menander and, of course, Shakespeare himself. Read full review here.