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The battle of the sexes is never-ending and as old as the ages as this enjoyable revival of Moliere's The School for Wives neatly points out.

A multitude of mirth and mid-summer madness abound at the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey where Moliere's The School for Wives settles in for a giddy three week run through July 26.
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'The School for Wives'
Molière's slapstick routines, more than 300 years old, still propel the comedy

The Princetown Packet

Why have Molière’s comedies remained so fresh and delicious? Perhaps it’s because the playwright was flaunting conventions in his own day and was a gadfly. His audiences loved L’école des femmes (The School for Wives); the clergy and men of letters were less amused.
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Robustly Entertaining School For Wives at Shakespeare Theatre

Talkin Broadway

Early on in Moliere's 16th-century classic The School for Wives, the middle-aged bachelor Arnolphe is relating his intention to marry his 18-year-old ward Agnes to his friend Chrysalde. He had placed Agnes in a convent when she was four, instructing the nuns to keep her ignorant of all worldly knowledge. Read full review here.

Goofy Fun, With Dapper Men

The New York Times

Let’s talk about Arnolphe for a minute. Right in the middle of the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey’s exuberant new production of Molière’s farce “The School for Wives,” one character mentions that Arnolphe (Bruce Cromer), our deliciously detestable protagonist, is 42 years old. Read full review here.

Summertime 'School' succeeds; Moliere classic comes alive at Shakespeare Theater of NJ

Independent Press

MADISON -- It's awfully hard to imagine a brighter, better or funnier production of Jean Baptiste Moliere's The School for Wives than the one going on right now at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Directed with rich comic flair and a strong sense of pacing by Brian B. Crowe, this is a summertime treat, featuring a bravura performance by Bruce Cromer in the lead role of Arnolphe. Read full review here.

'School for Wives' makes the grade

The Daily Record

Perhaps poetry is best left for the "prose,'' but Richard Wilbur's English translation of Jean Baptiste Moliere's riotous ""The School for Wives'' will bring out the freestyle in nearly everyone. And director Brian B. Crowe's caffeinated production, currently percolating at the F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre, may wire you up long enough to rewrite "The Odyssey'' before you sleep again. Read full review here.

A hilarious ‘School for Wives’ in Madison

Drama Critic

In Brian B. Crowe’s side-splitting staging of Moliere’s satiric “School for Wives,” now at The Shakespeare Theatre in Madison, the good guy wears white and the bad guy wears black, and the bad guy is by far the more interesting character. Middle-aged Monsieur Arnolphe is the villain because he is obsessed with a fear of being cuckolded.
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Shakespeare Theatre performs Moliere comedy to perfection


Sometimes we fail to remember that the performers at The Shakespeare Theatre in Madison are classically trained. Of course we expect them to be able to handle, say, "The Tempest," but are surprised when the group tackles a Moliere comedy to discover they are equally confident with rhymed couplets.
Prepare then to be surprised and, I suspect, thrilled with the latest production of "The School for Wives" at the elegant Kirby Theatre on the campus of Drew University.
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Moliere's 'School for Wives' gets a contemporary staging at Shakespeare Theatre

The Star-Ledger

All of the cast members are dressed in costumes worthy of "The Three Musketeers." But they're acting as if they're the Three Stooges.
Brian B. Crowe, one of the state's sharpest directors, has changed a French comedy into a French farce. Moliere's "The School for Wives" is no longer a gentle divertissement, but a door-slamming, fist-poking, foot-tripping romp. Still, it's bound to tickle audiences who come to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison. Read full review here.

Laughter continues at Shakespeare Theatre with "Wives"

The Daily Record

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is piling on the laughs this summer, premiering three comedies in a six-week stretch. While the first — the edited-for-fun production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" — continues on its outdoor stage, "The School for Wives" will be in session beginning Wednesday and continuing through July 26. "Noises Off" completes the comic trifecta Aug. 5 to 30. Read the full article here.

Moliere leads one actor through the years in 'The School for Wives'

The Star Ledger

If you're happily married for 28 years, being a lecher isn't easy.
At least not for some men, such as Bruce Cromer, who'll be playing a dirty old man beginning Wednesday at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison. Read the full article here.