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Man in Love, Despite His Best Efforts

The New York Times

The thing to keep in mind about "The Misanthrope"; is that in 17th-century France, you could apparently be arrested for insulting a man's sonnet. Even though it was in the privacy of your girlfriend's living room. And even though he specifically asked for your opinion and begged you to be brutally honest.

Molière's "Misanthrope" had its first opening night in 1666, and the current production by the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey in Madison treats it like the classic it is. Yet the humor and the observations are as fresh as a college boy's Facebook post. Read more.

'The Misanthrope' review:
Shakespeare Theatre's dour comedy gets a spun-sugar staging at Shakespeare Theatre

By Peter Filichia
The Star-Ledger

Bonnie J. Monte admits it. The artistic director of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey writes in the playbill of its latest show that she is "turning into a bit of a misanthrope."; She concedes that "generally speaking," she experiences "disappointment in humanity's behavior" Which makes Monte even more qualified to direct Molière "The Misanthrope." Too often, directors over-stylize the play — they force actors to twirl around and speak in exaggerated, high-pitched voices as they snap open their fans. Read more.


Molière masterpiece sparkles in Madison

By William Westhoven
The Daily Record

There's one in every family, the judgmental uncle or the grumpy grandpa who never have a good word to say about anyone. None of them hold a candle to Jean Baptiste Molière's "The Misanthrope," which opened the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's 2011 season last weekend, 345 years to the day after its premiere in Paris, with the legendary playwright playing the lead. Read more.

The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ kicks off its season with laughs and style

By Anthony Stoeckert
The Princeton Packet

AFTER seeing The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's rousing and hysterical production of Molière's The Misanthrope, my thoughts turned to Molière and what a prescient guy he must have been to write a play that remains relevant 345 years after its premiere. And while there's some truth to that, the joyous experience taking stage in Madison through June 26 is more about what director Bonnie J. Monte and her cast and crew have brought to Richard Wilbur's translation of Molière's classic comedy. Read more.


A CurtainUp New Jersey Review The Misanthrope

By Simon Saltzman
CurtainUp New Jersey

In her welcoming speech on June 4, Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey's artistic director Bonnie J. Monte pointed out that exactly 345 years to the day Molière's The Misanthrope had its premiere at the Theatre du Palais-Royal in Paris. As the director of this bitterly comic verse masterpiece, Monte has auspiciously and gratifyingly remained faithful to the era in which it was conceived. And to get right to the point, Monte has purposefully used the acclaimed translation by Richard Wilbur to support a visually stunning and impeccably acted production. Read more.


Flattery Makes the World Go Round in Molière's The Misanthrope

By Bob Rendell

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey returns to the stage in fine fettle with the opening production of its 2011 season, The Misanthrope, Molière's witty and insightful seventeenth century classic verse play of (and about) manners. Employing Richard Wilbur's sparkling 1955 translation composed in rhymed couplets, which has itself become a modern classic on American stages, director Bonnie Monte, her young, exuberant cast, and her crew bring us an infectious and visually delightful evening of spirited, guilt-free entertainment. Read more.



Theater News Online

A dazzling revival of Molière's The Misanthrope has opened the 49th season of the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey. A grand-scale mix of humor and humanity, the timeless comedy has been staged by artistic director Bonnie J. Monte in a most elegant fashion mounted in crisp and stylish manner – all in all, a decidedly caustic and witty delight. Read more.


By Ruth Ross
The News Record

When you go (notice I didn't say, "if you go") to see The Misanthrope at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, take your sunglasses—you'll be that dazzled by the troupe's opening production of the 2011-2012 season! Of course, I am speaking figuratively, but the luscious costumes and elegant set, not to mention the actors' delivery of Richard Wilbur's masterful translation of Molière's witty dialogue, are nothing short of astounding. Read more.

Review: The Misanthrope at The Shakespeare Theatre Of New Jersey

By Rick Busciglio

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey opened its 49th season on Saturday (June 4) with an exquisite production of Molière's comedic masterpiece The Misanthrope. 345 years to the day the production first premiered in Paris in 1666 this delightful, lavish comedy of manners and social hypocrisy presents themes that we share even today. (Misanthrope-A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society) Read more.


Shakespeare Theatre's new season starts with 'The Misanthrope'

By William Westhoven
The Daily Record

Somehow, in her 20 years as artistic director of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Bonnie J. Monte never got around to "The Misanthrope," one of the most revered and popular works in the world of classic theater. "And it wasn't done in any of the years leading up to my arrival," Monte said. "It probably hasn't been done here in 30 years." Read more.

Maybe Honesty Isn't Always the Best Policy

By Anthony Stoeckert

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey opens its season with Molière's 'The Misanthrope'.
The relevance of “The Misanthrope,” written by Molière in 1666, is one of the reasons Bonnie J. Monte, artistic director at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison, chose it as the opening play of the Shakespeare Theatre’s 2011 season. The show will run June 1-26, with the June 4 official opening coinciding with the 345th anniversary of the play’s premiere.. Read more.