The Workhouse

Mrs. Corney, Matron of the Workhouse - Tina Stafford*
A Doctor - Ames Adamson*
Mr. Bumble, a parish beadle - Eric Hoffmann*
Oliver Twist, a poor orphan boy - Quentin McCuiston
The Chairman of the Workhouse Board - John Little*

The Undertakers

Mr. Sowerberry, a parochial undertaker - Andrew Boyer*
Mrs. Sowerberry, his wife; a sour, vixenish woman - Jeffrey M. Bender*
Charlotte, servant to Mrs. Sowerberry - Meg Kiley Smith
Noah Claypole, a charity boy apprenticed to Mr. Sowerberry - David Andrew Laws

The Streets of London

John Dawkins, the Artful Dodger, a young pickpocket - Robbie Collier Sublett*
Fagin, a receiver of stolen goods - Ames Adamson*
Charley Bates, a thief - Andy Paterson*
Tom Chitling, a pickpocket - David Andrew Laws
Toby Crackit, a housebreaker - George Abud
Nancy, a thief and prostitute in Fagin's service - Corey Tazmania*
Bill Sikes, a brutal thief and housebreaker - Jeffrey M. Bender*

The Court of Law

Judge Fang, an overbearing police magistrate - Andrew Boyer*
Policeman - Jeffrey M. Bender*
The Last Minute Witness - Tina Stafford*
Guard, overseeing Fagin - Andrew Boyer*


Mr. Brownlow, a benevolent old gentleman - John Little*
Rose Brownlow, his daughter - Meg Kiley Smith
Mr. Grimwig, a friend to Mr. Brownlow - Andrew Boyer*
Servant to the Brownlows - George Abud

Workhouse Boys and Inmates, Members of the Board, Mourners, Gang Members, Bystanders: The Ensemble

* denotes member of Actors' Equity Association